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entwickelt, konfektioniert und liefert als systemübergreifender Partner Dichtprofile und Zubehör
, as a system-wide partner, develops, fabricates and supplies gaskets and accessories for window, door and facade systems. In addition, optimized system components are produced, also for individual customer solutions. With an increasing export share in wide parts of Europe, an internationally-qualified marketing team works together with the window and metal-structure crafts, system providers, modular element manufacturers and industrial companies.

, with a tradition of experience gained over more than 40 years, has the know-how for sustainable building sealing with advanced sealing concepts. High-quality and sustainable jointing compounds for all buildings and window types are being continuously developed. thinks consistently of the “Future” and heats the new operational buildings exclusively with geothermal heat, free from fossil fuels.

DGNB membership certificate

DGNB – German Sustainable Building Council