Directives of company management and cooperation at

Our guiding principle is to provide our customers with great benefits through our products and services, thus enabling them, in turn, to produce and deliver outstanding goods and services.

We strive for sustainable business success and constant innovations!

Our endeavor requires a strong market and financial position, a high level of customer satisfaction as well as courage, hard work, discipline, cost awareness, independence, willingness to change and a sense of responsibility. We strive for continuous improvement of our range of our service level, recognise the needs of our business partners and seek the economically and ecologically best solutions for them. Our offer therefore serves the common good. We constantly work on our processes to improve our development, production and sales performance.

We offer integrity and security!

This requires us to be committed, helpful, honest, reliable, socially and environmentally responsible. We comply with all laws and support fair competition. In our work, the interests of take precedence over personal interests. Private matters do not belong in the work environment. We protect our company property from misuse and accord high priority to the important area of data protection.

We work sustainably and according to ecological principles!

One of the principles is the implementation of an active sustainability strategy with specifically aligned product and supplier selection, processing based on the principles of resource-saving consumption minimisation and maximum recycling efforts.

We have respect, are honest and open to dialogue without prejudice!

We are convinced that integrity, decency, honesty and reliability create the trust that is essential to long-term success. That’s why we feel committed to treating both customers and suppliers with fairness and integrity.

We maintain an open dialogue with colleagues, supervisors and our business partners and work together with trust and mutual respect.

We talk with each other and not about each other. Ultimately, we treat our colleague or business partner as respectfully as we ourselves wish to be treated.

We work together professionally and cooperatively (“hand in hand”). Problems with supervisors or colleagues and employees are addressed openly and, if necessary, mediated by the management or the advisory board.

We face up to new challenges within the organisation. In so doing, we first look to ourselves and our possibilities with responsibility and a willingness to change before we criticise others.

Only if all employees are aware of these corporate guidelines and the resulting further compliance regulations (such as working time policy, IT policy, powers and authorisations) can we achieve our company’s goals together. The orientation of our own actions to the corporate guidelines is therefore the prerequisite for a pleasant and productive working atmosphere with secure workplaces!

Moers, May 2018