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Dear customer,

We supply you with various products from our company, which are considered “articles” under REACH. As a supplier of articles we have the obligation to inform you about possible substances of very high concern, which are contained in the products you purchase from us in a concentration of more than 0.1%. A candidate list of these officially identified substances of very high concern is published and constantly updated by the European Chemicals Agency.

The updates of this list are tracked by us and we will automatically inform you according to the REACH guidelines whenever a substance that is of more than 0.1% in the products you purchase from us should be identified as being of very high concern. Conversely, please assume that none or less than 0.1% of those substances are contained in our products. We are obliged to inform you if substances of very high concern are contained >0.1%. However, we are not obliged to deny if they are not. With thousands of products and just as many customers, this would result in millions of unnecessary confirmations.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Your DEFLEX® Team